Breton Woods, NJ was the original community of Brick

This area was developed first because of its prime location.

The Breton Woods Property Owner's Assoc. Club House Located on Breton Road a short walk from 53 Edwards Road

(Below is the past, but the basic building remains the same)

The Breton Woods Club House and beach remain the same today as it does in this picture with only a few modifications

Breton Woods started out as a Boy Scout camp then the Van Ness Corporation a developer acquired the property and created a restricted club community on the Metedeconk River and sold what were known as cabins. Prices started a $985 complete with lot. These homes were sold as vacation or weekend summer homes, thus their lot sizes and proximity to one another.

The Breton Woods Property Owner's Dock

Pictured above is the Breton Woods Property Assoc. private dock and boat launch area. This private marina has water, electricity, etc and is located less than a block away from 53 Edwards Road.

Breton Woods was a walking community focusing around the existing and active clubhouse on Breton Road. -- Breton Woods was and still is a social community. In the past during the summer, fathers would leave their families in Breton Woods weekdays to go work. In this era of one car per family, bikes or walking was the means for transportation here. Thus all the walking easements you will find in this area. The post office was located next to the existing firehouse. There was a restaurant, gas station and a grocery store at the corner of Dock and Mantoloking Road along with other services making this community self sustaining.

From an old post card just off of Dock Road

To someone driving into the Breton Woods community for the first time, they only see the smaller cabin/bungalow homes. I can remember the first time I visited… It didn't appear special.

However we and the other residents of Breton Woods know a dirty little secret. - We live in a family oriented friendly community with community activities unlike any other sections of Brick.

Waterfront houses in Breton Woods

If you have not driven through Breton Woods recently, you have no clue how this community is evolving. What you see pictured above are waterfront homes on Breton Road. Just a short walk from Edwards Road.

The other secret is what waterfront homeowners in Breton Woods have... The secret is that when you are home in your waterfront home, you are in your own world. All one needs to do is hop in a boat and scan the Breton Woods area shoreline.

Breton Woods Annual Clambake is a fun time for all

Breton Woods Annual Clambake held During Summer is pictured above. We also have a Pig Roast, 4th of July races and activities for kids, Halloween, Christmas, Easter, St. Patty's activities and so much more.

Where 53 Edwards Road is located you will find reduced traffic noise because the house is located many streets in, off the Mantoloking Road. Homes off of Princeton Ave. and many other areas of Brick don’t have this luxury.

Breton Woods is going through a renaissance with remodeling and new builds. It is among Brick’s last affordable neighborhoods with real community spirit.

As you can see Breton Woods is a cute vacation community similar to most beach communities in New Jersey. Pictured above are some non waterfront homes

We have a community swimming pool at the Breton Woods Club House and beach. The Breton Woods Property Owners Association is one of the few remaining active private clubs along the river that offers activities for the members and children all year round. This is a “walk to - bike to” place for parents to take their children. A community in a great location with modern convenience and good neighbors. -- It is your choice to join and become a member/stockholder. Yes you become part owner of a multi-million dollar property!

BBQ's at the Breton Woods' Club house

Friendly Activities Abound In Breton Woods. Also check out the view! There is also a large private beach located at the club house with restroom facilities and a shower. As a member you have access to the beach and pool 7-days a week.

A person or family who lives on the water on this side of the river can truly understand the value of this location.

Why Breton Woods and Why 53 Edwards Road? It is quieter, less congested, also there is easier access to the area beaches, shopping, restaurants and the parkway.

From 53 Edwards Road you can walk or bike (even purchase a bike if you don't own one) to two butcher shops, one bakery, one Dunkin' Donuts, one pizzeria, two diners and two sub shops, Rita's Ice, Seven Eleven, Drop your car off for maintenance at few locations and walk home, and much more. -- Can't do this in most other Brick communities and still live in a restful and quiet location.

Visit Cassidy's Marina web site AKA The Breton Woods Marina which is visible from 53 Edwards Road. See how they describe Breton Woods.

Visit Breton Woods

Below is the New Pool and Improved Beach

(Photos taken by Richard Pasquarella at EVirtualListing or the MLS)

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